Stack rocks and the Green Bridge of Wales, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Spring is literally around the corner (edit: here) and hopefully it will bring some nice weather. For me that means that we will resume our travels around the UK soon. If you need a tip where to go on your next trip around the UK, and Wales is not beyond your possibilities, then Pembrokeshire could be the place to go.

Last October we went there for a weekend and we were amazed. Weather was very friendly to us, so we could enjoy both the days to the full.

We spent Saturday in Tenby, a small but beautiful and colourful coastal town. If you have never been there, make sure you put in on your list. On Sunday we headed to the Stack rocks and the Green Bridge of Wales. The coast is very pretty and, as you can see, photogenic. Our last stop was the Pembroke castle, a medieval fortress and the birthplace of Henry VII.

These photos are taken from atop the cliffs:

Stack rocks, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Stack rocks
Green Bridge of Wales, Pembrokeshire, Wales
The Green Bridge of Wales

Contributing to the Weekly Photo Challenge – Atop – by The Daily Post.

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  1. brushyneedle says:

    Wow, amazing! I’d love to go there! Is there anything else to be seen near these cliffs? Can you reach them through public transport or it’s only car-friendly? Thank you!

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    1. We went by car, but I found some public transport info here:
      Close to the Stack rocks there is the Saint Govan´s Chapel (actually an abandoned house). From the cliffs you can continue to the Pembroke town and castle. Or, on the south there is Tenby, a very pretty town.

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  2. summervinn says:

    Wow! This is so beautiful! It looks like it’s from some kind of movie 🎥 or something! So incredible!

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    1. It does look stunning, especially on a sunny day 🙂

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