Street art Saturday: Around Crete

Hello everybody! This is the ninth episode of the series, this time from around Crete. You can find links to the previous posts from the series at the bottom of the post.

We went to Crete in September in 2015. After flying to Heraklion, we slept over in a hotel, spent a day in the city and for the rest of the holiday we headed to Agios Nikolaos. From there we went for trips in the following days.

During the holiday we found some street art as well. Unfortunately I dont remember the locations.

There were some black-and-white stencil pieces:

I dont know what is under this portrait of a donkey. Im not even sure it is actually street art. But I liked it, so here it is. I converted the photo to black-and-white as I liked it more this way.

Street art Crete

To have something colourful, there was also this graffiti. The picture is far from perfect, but I rely on the bold street art capturing your attention ­čÖé

Street art Crete


You can also check out my previous graffiti locations:

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  1. I love your street art collection-I too am a fan of street art-in all its forms!

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  2. I do sorta still like the peace one ­čśâ


  3. NN says:

    If you like street art you should visit Berlin, there is a lot!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, it’s been on my list for a looong time. Once…

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