Expats and the power of food: Feel at home in a foreign country

Recently I have been contacted by expat.com, a website for people living or planning to live abroad. I have been asked to write an article/post for their online magazine. And because I am a Czech living in England and a lot of my blog revolves about food, I decided to write about expats and food.

The article is called The power of food: Feel at home in a foreign country and it highlights how important home(-made) food is for expats, how it can help combat homesickness. It also serves as a guide for recreating dishes from your home country abroad. Click here to read it.

food sofia bulgaria bread spread

A few days ago I came across this interview with a Polish food photographer and stylist, Beata Lubas, who is now living in England. She shares a recipe of her mum’s apple pie (jabłecznik) and explains that she bakes it whenever she feels homesick. I think this is a wonderful example. By the way, the website, Life & Thyme, is an amazing online culinary storytelling magazine (no affiliate). If you like reading about food and looking at scrumptious photos, make sure you check it out.

food sofia bulgaria meaty stew

Now to you, especially if you are an expat – does food make you feel at home in a foreign country as well? What is THE food for you? If you are not an expat, share your feelings food brings about in you as well – positive or even negative!

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  1. I am highly guilty of putting in “food parcel requests” for anyone visiting! Cornish pasties, pies, pies, pies! Anything pastry based and savoury 🙂

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  2. I always say that the thing I miss the most about where I come from is the food. Especially those food I can’t make in foreign lands… When I am able to find a restaurant or something selling “my food” oh man, it totally makes me feel at home! Great article!

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    1. So what is “your food”?

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      1. Coxinha de frango com catupiry, or a good churrasco with picanha, and as a desert brigadeiro.

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  3. Congrats on your wonderful article! I enjoyed it very much! It’s hard for me to even imagine as I have only been out of the USA to visit Mexico twice but I can guess how much I’d eventually miss “my food”.

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    1. Thank you! I´m so glad you liked it. So – what would you miss most?

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      1. Hard to say since I don’t know the typically availability always living here in the US and all but I’ll try… Chick-fil-a restaurants and God forbid if I couldn’t get STRONG coffee!!! Oh, I might know a better one but it might be available all over….miniature marshmellows!!!

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  4. these look so delicious!!

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    1. They were 🙂


  5. teabeestrips says:

    Yes you are so true. When I am homesick I cook crêpes that I eat with a lot of chocolat and then I feel better.

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    1. We usually take packed lunches to work. I cook a lot of Czech dishes, my boyfriend makes Hungarian ones. But I have to say I love crepes with chocolate as well, although they are not really a traditional Czech dish 😀

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