Damselflies at the Etruria lake

Since May I have been checking the lake frequently if there is any sign of dragonflies. Although I have spotted some recently, in May I saw only damselflies. By the way, the heron is back, even though only from time to time. Expect a post or two about the heron and dragonflies soon.

I usually get to the lake after 6pm. The damselflies are quite calm by that time and dont fly around like crazy, so it is easier to photograph them than during the day.

Here are damselflies on berry bush leaves. Sometimes I could see as many as seven or so at one moment. Plenty to choose from!

This picture is not the sharpest one, but I managed to capture a damselfly eating its prey – probably an aphid – in it:


The damselflies also like to sit on reed:

And this is my favourite photo – a damselfly on dry grass/reed:


I found a society dedicated to conserving dragonflies and damselflies, British Dragonfly Society. Apparently, from 15th to 23rd July they organise The Dragonfly Challenge. They basically want people to help them count dragonflies and damselflies. Will you join?

Now to you. Are there damselflies or dragonflies anywhere close to where you live?

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