Street art Saturday: Stoke on Trent

Hello everybody! This is the eleventh episode of the series, in which I will show you some street art from Stoke on Trent, the city in Midlands where I currently live.

These sprayings are actually pretty new, I took the pictures this week. You can find them along the path which is going next to the canal, close to the Etruria Industrial Museum.

This sign that now says only “fish” is under the bridge at lock 38 in Etruria (Shelton New Road):

Stoke on Trent street art sign

In the city centre there are some nice pieces of street art. These birds sit on a wall on the Albion Street, opposite to the entrance to the museum:

Stoke on Trent street art birds

You can find this cupid tired of partying in the Brockley Square street in Hanley:

Stoke on Trent city centre street art cupid

Here are two more from Hanley. One is a simple stencil graffiti, the second one (you will see if you go left from the entrance to the museum) might even have been decoration some time ago.

Some time ago there also was some dust art on tanks in a gas shop in Etruria. Unfortunately, it is now nearly washed away. I managed to capture it while it was still “fresh”, you can check it here. Here is an example:

Stoke on Trent dirt art

Since Stoke is so large, it is highly likely there is more street art around. Do you know about any? Let me know in comments!

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