Photo story: The heron is back!

Brace yourselves – not only the Game of Thrones is back, the heron is too! Since the beginning of June I keep seeing it back at the Etruria lake in Stoke on Trent.

I promised you in my post about damselflies that I will bring you some new photos. By now I have accumulated enough snaps and my aim is to show you the heron in various situations. The following photo story is a mix of pictures from several photo shoots.

So, the first time I saw the heron back, it was only peeking out from reed, curiously assessing the situation. Is it fine to leave the safety of the reed or not yet?

Stoke, heron, reed

Then during later visits at the lake I saw it venturing out to the open space. It seems the heron really likes this spot on a partially sunken tree branch. No wonder, it is sunnier there than in the reed. That is, when the sun actually shines. But this time the heron was lucky:

Once it was confident enough, it even opened its wings while sunbathing. If the photo was just a bit sharper, I believe you could see the smile on its face as it was enjoying the early summer sunny day 🙂 I have never seen it do this, I guess it was a lucky catch.

Sunbathing heron II

Eventually, the heron gets bored at the lake and it flies away. Sometimes I manage to get an in-flight photo which is not blurry:


The end.

Did you like the photo story? Let me know in comments.

But that is not all. Stay tuned! I have another special heron photo story for you coming soon!

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  1. Lucky you, 4 herons! I´m looking forward to seeing your heron photos. And good luck with the cormorant photos.


  2. steveedreff says:

    Seems like the place that I saw the egret . With herons around too

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is photographed at a small lake in a residential area. There is only one heron, though, and only sometimes. I wish there would be more!


      1. steveedreff says:

        It’s amazing that here in the middle of NYC I’m photoing heron , egret, hawks . Where in the world are you ?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I live in Stoke on Trent (UK) and the heron visits a small lake in the middle of a residential area – that was quite surprising for me. There are also ducks, geese, coots, an occasional seagull or ubiquitous pigeons, but I don´t photograph them. The heron is the challenge! 🙂 There are also dragonflies at the lake which I love to take macro pictures of.


        2. steveedreff says:

          I don’t do much as far as macro photography , but I have tried shooting dragon flies , with no success . But here, to catch a photo of the heron is maybe less difficult . The animals here in this pond in Central Park seem to be used to people , so they just go about there business without paying attention and to us . 😂 Maybe I’ll post a couple photos of the heron that I have . Actually there are about 4 that hang out in this area , it is also geese, ducks , turtles , the egret and some cormorants . The cormorant catching fish is my next goal 😂


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