Street art Saturday: Budapest

Hello everybody! This is the 12th episode of the series, in which I will show you some street art from the capital of Hungary, Budapest.

As with the post about street art in Dublin, Cologne and Vienna, these photos are from the times when I didnt focus on street art during my travels so much, therefore I found only three street art photos for this city. Also, unfortunately I dont really remember the locations.

Lets start with the geometric graffiti. I saw it at some square, maybe Deák tér?

Street art Budapest

The photo of the half-reconstructed, half-ruined house with a shopping trolley parked inside was taken from a car while driving past it. It is not really street art, “just” street photography, but I like the photo for some reason, so I decided to include it.

abandoned house with a shopping trolley in Budapest

The best, in my view, is the traffic sign, dont you think? As we visited the city at the beginning of December 2015, it was probably installed in connection to one of our Cetral European traditions. The 5th of December is the St Nicholas day and you can see small groups of people in costumes of Mikuláš (St Nicholas), an Angel and a Devil around the cities, towns and villages not only in Hungary, but also in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. Read more about the tradition here and here.


Do you know about any more street art in Budapest? Let me know in comments!

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