Photo challenge: Serene

I haven’t participated in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge for a long time. When I saw the topic for this week, I thought – I must have some photos like that on my blog already! So I went through the archive and really, there were quite a few. I selected the most serene ones (in my view) and I’m also linking the posts where they appeared.

Let’s get this private link-up party started! Wait, this doesn’t sound too serene. Let’s try again. Make yourself a cup of your favourite hot beverage, sit somewhere comfortable and enjoy these blissful photos. Better? 🙂

If you visit Peak District (UK) in winter when there is snow, you will get loads of serenity:

For some reason I got a feeling that there is often water in many “serene” pictures. So here is my share of serene photos with water:

Even cities can be serene, especially on Sundays early in the morning. Krakow, Poland.

Maly Rynek in Krakow

And last, but not least, a serene evening photo with a pier in Paignton, UK:

Paignton pier

So that was my take on “serene”. Feeling chilled out? Not yet? Then check more entries by other bloggers here.

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  1. A very serene series of photos. Thank you for sharing them, especially the snow photos …. we don’t get snow in Singapore, so it is a wonderfully Christmassy peek into a Winter Wonderland!


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