Prague in details

Slowly, but surely I am going through the four-months-worth of photos I took so far in Prague, deleting, editing, sorting out, picking and categorizing.

Here are photos that I categorized as “details”. They are not a coherent collection. More like a small collection of what doesn’t belong anywhere else.

This is a lying statue of a lady with an air gun. You have to look up to spot it – the lady is resting on a roof of one of the houses in the Voršilská street, close to the Národní street with the National theatre. There is at least one more statue in this style on the surrounding buildings.

Prague statue lady air-gun

Then there is a nice decoration of a door portal (location unknown). And a knitted (!) Marilyn Monroe statue in front of the National Theatre. Not sure it is still there, though.

And these are photos of old sgraffitis from the Malé (Small) square, just next to the Old Town square where you can admire the ever-popular astronomical clock.

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  1. PragueByKaty says:

    Lot of details when you lookup in Prague, I love your selection :-). I think Marilyn is still there, before there was Klimt’s Kiss and now MM, or otherwise ? 🙂

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    1. Not sure what was there before… But I’m certainly curious what’s going to be there next!

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