Fireworks display

I like fireworks. This year we enjoyed the big end-of-year fireworks even twice. Well, to be precise, we enjoyed the first ones, the “people’s” fireworks, last year on the New Year’s Eve. Then on the first day of 2018, there was the official firework organized by the capital city of Prague.

Here are a few photos from the New Year’s Eve. There was a big fireworks display at the Žižkov tower. Unfortunately, our point of view was obstructed with an ugly billboard with a politician (it was two weeks to the first round of the presidential elections). Please ignore it. And the greenish photo is actually a reflection from a window. Thanks to these reflections we were able to see even the fireworks going on behind our building! 

The next day we went to see the official firework organized by the capital city of Prague. We understood that this event is very popular and so we should go well ahead of time to get a good spot to watch it from. We picked Vyšehrad since it was the closest recommended place to where we live. We waited for around 30 minutes, but we managed to get “the front row seats”. There was nobody in front of us!

The fireworks were great! I heard that last year it was so foggy that all that people could see was a colourful haze. This year, fortunately, the weather was cooperating and we could enjoy the 11-minutes display in its full beauty.

I also really appreciated the option to listen to the accompanying music on the radio, I think it really adds to the experience.

Here are a few photos from the show:


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  1. Mara Eastern says:

    The billboard is rather appalling! You were lucky then, as where I live, there was heavy fog on the New Year’s Eve and the fireworks were just hazy colours – and a lot of noise, amplified by the fog.

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