Street art Saturday: Lennon Wall in Prague

After long time I’m back with a dose of street art. This time I will show you street art not from the whole city, but just from one place in a city – the Lennon Wall in Prague.

When we moved to Prague back in November, I had some time off work. I was often walking round the city, rediscovering all those pretty places of Prague. One of them is the Lennon Wall, located at the Velkopřevorské náměstí (Velkoprevorske square), Malá Strana, close to Kampa.

The Lennon wall is a large stretch of wall covered with multiple layers of graffiti. It originated after John Lennon’s death as his memorial and contained snippets from Beatles lyrics and Lennon-inspired graffiti.

Since there was communism at that time in the Czech Republic and anything to do with John Lennon or Beatles was banned, the authorities repainted the wall several times. Nevertheless, the graffitis and slogans always reappeared.

Eventually it became a place where people came to express their hope for freedom and peace and love – in graffitis, poems, slogans. Nowadays the place is popular with tourists. Sometimes singers are singing there, too.

Even the trees lining the street have been sprayed – not sure that’s good for them:

John Lennon Wall, Prague

Here is a gallery of pieces that caught my attention:


Find more information about the Lennon Wall here (tourist guide), here (the story of the wall) and here (for more photos).

Have you seen the Lennon Wall during your visit to Prague? Would you like to? If you are planning your Prague visit, I have another tip for you, which is located not far from the Lennon Wall – the narrowest street in Prague.

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  1. I went to see this wall last fall. It was so colorful and I absolutely loved the concept!

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