Street Food Smíchov event in Prague

At the end of March we visited the Street Food Smíchov festival that took place at the Staropramen Visitor Center.

In the yard of the Staropramen brewery there were plenty of stalls offering a wide range of dishes and drinks. In the middle, tables and benches were arranged for people to sit down and enjoy their food. The central stage was hosting several performances, mostly presented by folklore groups.

The location added a lot to the experience. The historical building of the brewery is pretty in itself. Now imagine massive containers attached to the building and, primarily, enormous metal tanks and a tall chimney supervising all that hustle and bustle that was going on at its feet. A very special place for a food event.

Enclosed by 3 walls and one gate, the middle yard got quickly filled with people and you actually had to really look hard for a place to sit.

Obviously, Staropramen brewery also had a stall there, offering 3 types of their beer. Of course we tried them all! Going from the left, on the photo there are amber lager, unfiltered wheat beer and extra-hoppy beer:

Staropramen beer types

There was so much to choose from foodwise! When I am at any food festival, I always regret I can’t eat everything I would like to. We tried several dishes, for example a tasty burger from the Street Food Truck and a pulled pork sandwich from Sweet and Pepper Days. My boyfriend even tried one oyster (I skipped that one). I took home amazing mini desserts from Cafe La Familia. And they were delicious, very fruity!

I really wanted to try some raclette from the U Sýráku stall. However, my stomach thought otherwise, so I had to leave this undoubtedly delicious experience for later.

Otherwise there were plenty of other options from sweet and light macarons to savoury and filling hot dogs. Several stalls presented foreign cuisines; I remember pljeskavica and a few stalls with Asian dishes, too.

Coming to the festival from the orchid exhibition in the Botanical Garden, it was a very enjoyable afternoon and we were leaving to catch the metro home fully satisfied.

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