Street art Saturday: Bologna, Ravenna

In the middle of June we went for a prolonged weekend to Bologna and Ravenna. Following from my previous post with some of my favourite photos I took along the way, I am back with some street art catches.

I think this was the very first photo I took on our holiday 🙂 Obama as a ballerina. You can’t just pass by!

Street art Bologna Obama

This wall painting is at one of the couple of canals left in Bologna. If you go to the one crossing Via Piella, it will be on your right hand side if looking down from the bridge. Maybe it’s not really street art and it’s quite faded, but I wanted to include it. Can you see a face? And a cat?

Street art Bologna canal Via Piella

Street art seemed to be most prolific, not surprisingly, in the university quarter.

The best piece of street art from our trip, was, however, found in Ravenna. This very vivid mural of a lady in a scarf is just so detailed and colourful. You will find it on Via Antonio Zirardini.

Street art Ravenna

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