Beach, lakes, caves, mountains, castles and much more – my summer 2018 travels

Well, that was a reeeealy long time since I wrote a post! This summer was pretty busy, I have to say (but when is it not busy, huh?). Just a while ago it was April and now suddenly… September?! What?

Although now it seems to me that the summer was too quick, it was actually pretty long. We had nearly non-stop great weather since April. The last two summers, which we spent still in England, were truly horrible, so we tried to enjoy every bit of sunny and warm days. Even when others were already complaining about too high temperatures and drought, we still didn’t have enough.

Suddenly I could regularly wear the clothes that back in England were hiding in the back corner of my wardrobe labelled “Holidays”. I mean proper summer clothes like light dresses and skirts (without stockings!) or flip-flops, which were promoted from swimming-pool-only shoes to everyday footwear. On the other hand it took me till August to get used to the fact that the weather is usually quite stable and I really don’t need to take everywhere a jumper and an umbrella. The feeling that the weather will definitely change at some point during the day was deeply rooted.

Now in September the weather is still nice, but as autumn will come, the weather will be worse and colder and days shorter – and that will be time for me to blog, yay!

In this post, as a mini comeback after two months, I document our summer holidays and trips in photos.

I have already posted about Bologna and Ravenna here and here. What was next?

At the end of April we went to one beautiful place south from Prague – a well known Máj viewpoint of the Vltava river:

Next week we went the opposite direction and we visited Příhrazské skály (rocks) with an old settlement cut into the rocks:

In July we went for an 11-days-long round trip – from Prague to Buchlovice (my home village), Budapest, lake Balaton and Keszthely town, Ljubljana, lake Bled and the Vintgar Gorge, Kranjska Gora and back to Prague. It was amazing. Also, it was my first time in Slovenia and I am sure we are coming back!

The following week we went to Austria, visiting some beautiful places like Zell-am-See, Alpendorf or Saalbach. I love mountains!

Then we visited Barcelona for a quick city trip and continued up north to the sea in Tossa de Mar. On the way we also stopped at Montserrat, which is a breathtaking place – highly recommended!

Our last trip was to Krkonoše mountains. It is the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic, with the highest peak Sněžka. (Did I already say I love mountains?) The last time I was there I was still a small child, but I remember I liked it. And although Sněžka was now quite overcrowded, the nature there is still so stunning.

The day after we went to Sněžka we got a spontaneous idea to take a cable car up to a mountain we saw from distance – and it turned out to be the best part of the trip! Up there were hiking trails leading to a peat bog area, with pretty views of guess what – Sněžka! – along the way. The nature there looked already autumnish and colourful. Everywhere there was the smell of dry forest I haven’t smelled for so long… I think we will go to Krkonoše again next year.

We also made short trips to Skryje lakes, Točník and Žebrák castles (or castle ruins), Velká Amerika – old limestone mines with pretty blue lakes on the bottom, Svatý Jan pod Skalou – a mini village with a big rock looming over it, Trosky – literally Ruins, where we saw some rope walkers, Pokličky – interesting sandstone rock formations close to the Kokořín castle.

As I said, it was a busy, but beautiful summer!

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