The Avast building at sunset (Pankrác, Prague)

The autumn is here and it has already brought some beautiful sunsets.

Yesterday and today I took pictures from the same spot. Yesterday, I caught the sunset a bit later, when the colours were already bluish. Today, I was ready for the full festival of colours with camera in hand. Here are two couples of photos, in each one with cooler tones, one with warmer hues.

Which photos do you like more, the left or the right ones? Although I am fascinated with sunsets full of colours, I think this time I prefer the photos with cooler, bluish colours.

When I was playing with the camera settings, I took one horribly underexposed picture. However, on the second look, it seemed quite interesting to me 🙂 It’s like from another world – or hell.

Avast underexposed Pankrác Prague sunset evening


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  1. Mara Eastern says:

    These are amazing shots! I prefer the warm tones, I always too, so I’m biased.

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