Autumn morning walk in the Kladská nature reserve

These photos were taken exactly a week ago. On our way back to Prague from our trip to Germany, where we visited a friend of ours, we slept over in Mariánské Lázně, a Czech spa town.

We arrived to Mariánské Lázně in the evening and the following morning we walked around the spa area. After that we still had some time to spare and decided to go for some hike or walk. After we checked what’s available close to us, we decided to walk along a trail at Kladská nature reserve, which was just a short drive across a forest from Mariánské Lázně. And it was the best decision of the day!

We arrived to a mini village consisting of just a few houses. The signposts for the trail were visible straight from the parking place, so we just changed our shoes and off we went.

The walk was just beautiful. Tuesday morning in November = just a few couples of people in the forest, but loads of natural beauty. It was so peaceful. The mist was hovering over the forest and the lakes, creating interesting photo opportunities. The landscape looked like from a fairy tale.

The well-maintained trail from wooden planks led us through a forest, mossy peat bogs, along a lake, then we crossed a road to go along another lake. Towards the end the forest opens and you walk across a meadow. In November the grass was of pale yellow colour. Once I would like to come back in spring or summer to see it in green.

The trail is circular, so it will take you back to the parking place.

I wish I could go for such peaceful morning walks more often!

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