The newly refurbished building of the National Museum in Prague

The 28 October 2018 was not only the day marking the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic. It was also the day when the newly refurbished historical building of the National Museum in Prague re-opened.

In recent years, the historical building of the National Museum underwent a major reconstruction. I came to Prague in November 2017 and all that you could see from the museum at that time was the central dome. The rest was covered with a large Samsung advert which was hiding scaffolding.

One year later the scaffolding was taken down piece by piece, revealing the renovated facade. Now it is finally shiny, like new, adorning the top part of the Wenceslas square.



The collections are meanwhile being exhibited in another building belonging to the museum, located just next to the historical one. There are, however, some new exhibitions in the old building, too – for example the Czech-Slovak / Slovak-Czech Exhibition.


Until the end of 2018, the entrance to the Historical building of the National Museum is free of charge, including all programs. That is definitely good news. The bad news is that the queues are very long, even on weekdays during the day.

Myself I can’t wait to have a look inside. I’m hoping that before Christmas people will move to shops and the queues will be at least a bit shorter 😀


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  1. Mara Eastern says:

    Oh, this is looking really good! I hear the queues are terrible at all times, so I’ll wait until the boom is over and I’ll go then. I don’t mind paying the entrance fee if it means I won’t have to queue for an hour or so in the cold.

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    1. I thought the queues would be just a temporary phenomenon, disappearing shortly after the opening. How wrong was I! 😀 I guess it won’t get any better now before Christmas, so I will also leave it for later on…

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