Prague at night

Prague at night – a little bit different than during the day, but still (or maybe even more?) beautiful.

The colours are mostly gone, except for tones of white, yellow, orange and grey. The contrast and shades now play the main part. Main part in a film called Prague at night.

Here are two contrasting views from Vyšehrad – one towards the well known panorama of Hradčany with the Prague castle and Petřín hill, in colour. One towards the modern quarter of Pankrác with its high-rise building, in black-and-white.

The following locations are well known, I am sure you will recognize them – the Old Town square, the Charles Bridge, the St Vitus Cathedral and the stairs leading from the Prague castle down to the Nerudova street.

The newly refurbished National Museum at the top of the Wenceslas square also looks great at night – see here.

Next week I will hopefully get to see some Christmas markets, so I will have a chance to take some more photos of Prague at night. These photos are actually from last winter.

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  1. My partner and I went to Prague during the winter back in 2016. The place was stunning it looked like a fairy tale kingdom with all its old buildings. Also appreciated the strong supply of mulled wine being sold everywhere! Lovely pictures, I miss the place.

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