Top 10 posts in 2018 at Tasting the World

It is the last day of the year already. Really? How come the time flies so fast? I don’t get that. January, April, … July, … December – and soon we will have to get used to writing 9 instead of 8 in the date.

As the end of the year is usually the time to sum up the past 12 months, let’s sum up the year blogwise then.

I would repeat myself to say that this year was really eventful. We travelled a lot with my boyfriend and the work and life kept us busy as well. Therefore my blogging activity went down at times.


There were three months when I didn’t post anything at all. Not a single word. Then there were three months during which I produced only two posts in each of the months. That is a half of a year with 6 posts. Not great. Including this one, I published 31 posts in 2018. Not many. I hope next year I can improve this.

Nevertheless, the blog was doing fine despite that, growing a bit followers-wise and visit-wise. Thanks to you, my readers, I can now present you with the top 10 posts in 2018. Interestingly, only one of the most popular posts was written this year. Let’s have a look!


10. Etruria Canal Festival, Stoke on Trent – (2016) – a two years old post about boat owners’ festival in Stoke, UK.

9. Street art Saturday: Around Crete – (2017)

8. What to see in Stoke: Etruria Industrial Museum – (2017) – last year second, this year still popular at 8th place. A bit of Stoke promo.

7. Fried pizza, Red Bull fudge, chocolate mead – (2016) – last year eighth, this year even seventh… a report from the Continental Market in Stoke on Trent.

6. Photo challenge: Serene – (2017) – photos of serene landscapes and cityscapes.

5. Prague in details – (2018) – the only post from this year.

4. Oatcake Day 2016 – (2016) – Stoke is doing strong 😀 It would never come to my mind that this post could be so popular two years after publishing.

3. Camembert marinated in oil with herbs and spices – (2017) – this is apparently a popular recipe. Well deservedly so.

2. Prague! – (2017) – my first post after moving to the Czech capital last year.

1. Photographing flying gems: golden and blue dragonflies – (2017) – Wow. Dragonflies are number one! Glad to see that. I still have some unpublished photos, so I might post some next year, too.


I really wonder what the list will look like next year. We shall see.

All the best in the new year, my dear readers! Cheers to that!





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  1. Julia May says:

    I liked the style of writing used and the positivity that came through 😊 the spacing was a bit inconsistent though, there are a couple sections where the spacing between paragraphs is longer than everywhere else. Not sure if that was on purpose! Hope the feedback helps 😊


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