4 nature macro photos

When I was thinking what to post next, I remembered that I haven’t posted any macro photos for a very long time. Well, I didn’t TAKE any macro photo for a very long time… But I digged deep into my photo archive and found some unpublished shots.

So this is a couple of catkins, I think from a birch tree, if I remember correctly. I like the velvety parts of the catkin.

Catkin - macro photo

And here we have three types of insect – a ladybird, a bumblebee and one strange-looking beetle:


All of the photos above are taken in Stoke on Trent.

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caterpillar and powder pearls, nature (various), dragonflies, sleeping bumblebee and other spring photos, dragonflies II, insect, insect II, nature in park, spices, flowers, dragonflies III, bumblebee.

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  1. The depth in that ladybird shot is particularly outstanding; in a selection of images that are utterly compelling!

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