Street art Saturday: Prague

In Prague, I keep discovering street art in small bits. Except for when I went to see the Lennon Wall, I usually don’t do any specialized street art hunts around here. It is more about what I stumble upon and what grabs my attention. I have now collected a bunch of catches, so it’s time for a second street art post from Prague! 

Speaking about the Lennon Wall, these two are also from the Velkopřevorské square. You can see them on the building that you pass on your right on the way to the bridge that takes you to Kampa.

This sheep is guarding the pedestrian crossing between the Charles Bridge and the Karlova street, where masses of tourists pass daily.

Street art in the Karlova street, Prague

The first of the following three snaps is taken just in front of the Congress Centre at Vyšehrad tube stop. For the last two I, unfortunately, don’t remember the locations. But I like them most from all the photos in this post.

This hanging hanger probably doesn’t qualify as proper street art, but I like it, it’s quirky to see something like this in the middle of a capital city.

Hanging hanger in Prague

And last, but not least, I have spotted this street window art just today while waiting for a tram at the Štěpánská tram stop.

green face, street art, Prague, tongue


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wow ! i living there so many years but i never seen this walls.


  2. knurly says:

    I really love the one in the window! Something about the colors.

    Liked by 1 person

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