What does food mean for you?

Some people see food only as fuel, for some it is an obsession. Some people analyse and count it, others think simply “the more the better”. For some it is a vital need they struggle to get, others waste big amounts without blinking an eye. Some people like to try different dishes from various countries, some are most comfortable with what their mum or grandma used to cook.

For me eating and drinking is something I want to enjoy.

I try to eat healthily but I am not super focused on it. Now I eat something healthy, later on something unhealthy. I would call it “balanced diet” 🙂

I enjoy tasting new dishes and combinations, especially when travelling, but I keep coming back to my favourites.

I also have my favourite dishes that I keep cooking again and again. When cooking at home I mostly repeat the recipes that I tested and approved or those I have learnt from my mum. For example I probably can´t eat tomato sauce with dumplings and beef or spinach with potatoes and fried egg prepared in any other way anymore. However, there´s still room for experimenting. From time to time I like to cook something new. This way I discovered some nice recipes (like thai red curry) and some of them became so popular that I cook them at least once in two weeks (prawn pasta with rucola).

Sometimes I get inspiration from the Internet (prawn pasta), sometimes from an item or recipe from the Flavourly box I subscribe (Thai curry). Thanks to the Flavourly box I try new things and I don´t even need to look for them. They come to me. Every month there are surprises waiting for me in a box. I like it so much that I write reviews. These reviews are for now forming the Food section of my blog. I have some more ideas for writing about food in mind. Hopefully they will transform into posts soon.

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